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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Awesomeness in China!

      It is day 22 roughly and a lot has happened since the last post. In the spectrum of China.  I recently got to go snowboarding with Chris Failla, the head of our China family.  My expectations wern't very high after hearing Chris say it was only a bunny hill.  So i prepared my heart for something uniquely special. That is exactly what i got.  Most people that ski create moguls. Well the Chinese have a different method of doing it. They bomb down in one straight path and create not moguls but mini half pipes. To top it off they don't know how to stop or turn,  so at the bottom of the hill they just tuck and roll. Let me tell you they really roll!  Chris and I and a couple of other guys from Xi'an built a little kicker and hit that all day. Trying to perfect the 360.  It was a very memorable day of many to come.  

       Another totally amazing thing that I had the privilege of experiencing was the Chinese new year!  It doesn't sound to thrilling but the fact is i couldn't describe it with words.  Last night at twelve o'clock Matt, Chris and I went up on our roof to watch this phenomenon.  From twelve to one o'clock in the morning the Chinese locals set off fireworks.  From everywhere. A full 360 degree experience.  There is nothing in states that would even hold a candle to this. I know some of you would beg to differ, i will tell you that you are wrong.  They blow up right in front of you, it's majestic.  I am sure my eye site and hearing has been damaged permanently but it was so worth it.  I wish i could show you how amazing this was. But unless you come to China during this time of year you will never get the full experience.  That is all the news that has happened recently.  I hope my writing isn't boring everyone.  I am not a writer.  Until next time.

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