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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moving, School, and More

Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I have had the motivation to write a post, if you love reading my writing, sorry. If you think my posts are boring, your welcome.  If you are on the fence, hopefully this post will kick you off, haha, just kidding.  I hope everyone is doing well with getting started with the new school year. I am sure it is really crazy for some of you. If you ever need a vacation just come on out to China.  

This last week was my first week of the new semester as well.  Back into the books, studying hard.  I am really thankful for some scheduled things again.  I think I was going a little crazy.  I also just moved into a new apartment with my good friend Yamid, he is a schoolmate of mine, and Ryan Clancy. Ryan was a friend of mine from Rapid City, he is a good friend of the family as well.  He flew in Wednesday morning, luckily all his luggage came in. I believe it is like a 5o% chance your luggage won't show up when you fly into Xi'an.  I say that because I lost my luggage when I flew in.  Matt's mom just flew in to Xi'an, she also lost her luggage for the second time.  They lost it when she flew in two years ago, that would be so frustrating to me. Hopefully she gets it quickly.

 Me and Ryan have been making daily run's to the imports store or ren ren le, it is a Chinese super market, it means, people people happy.  Doesn't that make you want to shop there, oh yeah.  I will give you one funny story about shopping in China.  So recently, thanks to me, my brother-in-law Matt Peterson bought a electric moped. They are like the SUV's or trucks of China, no joke.  I am guessing, by the way the Chinese use them, there load capacity is roughly around two tons.  Ryan and I had to go to the super market and look for some household stuff.  We knew we both needed a fan, and we knew they would be a little big. But we took matt's dian dong che, that is Chinese for electric bike, anyways.  So Ryan and I are cruising down a little side road, that has about a thousand Chinese walking, riding bikes, driving cars, and walking dogs.  Basically a recipe for disaster. Whenever Ryan would get nervous that we were going to crash he would move a little bit, and that mixed with my inexperienced driving skills would almost result in a dead dog or an injured pedestrian, YIKES!  Anyways, we made it to the market alive. We bought our fans successfully. Now we just had to figure out how to put them on the bike with two full grown men.  I am sure the Chinese were thinking we were incompetent fools. They could get three people and grip of other stuff on these bikes. Here were we, trying to think hard, all we had was one rubber bike tube, and two incompetent foreigners, no offense Ryan.  So in the end we put both fans on one side and strapped them down with the tube. Ryan had to sit side saddle, which is the way all the girls sit when they ride these bikes, haha, sorry Ryan that was the last Joke.  We made it back to our place, with a million funny looks and a couple damaged vehicle side mirrors, just kidding. It was a fun adventure for us, I am sure Ryan will remember it for years to come.

School started this last monday for me and Yamid, my Colombian roommate.  I was really excited to get started again.  Like the terrible student I am I didn't study much in the Summer, so my Chinese is a bit rusty.  The first day our new teacher tested our Chinese to see where we were. This teacher has taught a ton of famous foreigners who I know.  Just to mention a few Matt and Jeremy Peterson, and Chris Failla.  All of whom I am really close friends with.  So I am really excited to have this teacher, because she is very good at what she does.  We have class for three hours a day, and we talk in Chinese for the whole three hours when she is teaching. Impressed? well you should be, haha.  So I have been really busy lately, but it has been really good.  I will do my best to put some pictures up next post.  Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Until next time.