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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adjusting to China

I am sorry, i had a long interesting post written up. But unfortunately i made a mistake and accidentally deleted it. Frustrating i know, so here's the short version. The pollution and the smell have been the hardest things to get used to. So overall it has not been very difficult adjusting to China. I miss the big blue sky and fresh air of South Dakota. Besides that it's all been good. I have enjoyed being with Matt and Heather and all there wonderful kids. I went to the historic Tera-Cota Warriors today. Little fact tera-cota is not a actual place, it is what the warriors are made of. It is a type of clay. I didn't know that, you might have. You should feel smart. Sorry if you like details, i am not a detail communicating person, i know it's not a great quality. But for now you have to deal with it. Until next time.

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