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Friday, December 24, 2010

Montana Trip

     December 15 was my last day of work, for Scull Construction, for who knows how long.  On the 17 John, Sarah, Julieanne and I left Spearfish, SD. We headed out for MT.  The roads were good all the way to Billings, our guardian angels were with us. We stoped in Billings to see my mother Karen  for awhile and to drop off Kristy.  We had a good time chatting and exchanging a few gifts with mom.  We then proceeded to drive the rest of the way to Drummond Mt.  You clearly will not know where this little oasis is located in the vast Montana wilderness.  The town is four and a half hours north west of Billings, along the interstate.  We stayed with Sarah's aunt and uncle and their four children, in the hunting lodge they owned. They lived at the base of some beautiful mountains. We had a good nights sleep and then promptly got up at seven o'clock and drove to a shop-gym and did P90-X for an hour and a half.  Not excactly my idea of a vacation, but thanks to  my crazed brother John, thats what i got.  The next day, Sunday, we went to Discover Ski Resort and shredded the pow.  Let me tell you, we couldn't have asked for better conditions. The snow was great and the temp was perfect. We went one more time on tuesday before we headed back for Billings. It was such a blessing to stay at the Dunham's and get to know their amazing family, Adair, Dawson, Dexter, and little Andrew. It is truly a miracle when family's understand that what we have comes from the Father and if we open up ourselves and give back whenever we can, we bless people more than we could know. And more importantly show them the love of Christ. So i just want to say thank you to all the Dunhams for an amazing time. You will not be forgotten. We drove to Billings on wendesday morning and spent the night at my mothers. We had a blast playing spoons, john got a little out of control but what do you expect. Then thursday morning we headed back to Spearfish. That about wraps up my trip to MT. A very memorable time, spent with amazing people.

Friday, December 3, 2010


     China is just around the corner.  It hasn't quite hit me yet that i am going to a country that will feel so alien to me. For who knows how long. The only thing that makes me know that it will be amazing is that God is there and he wants to do more than my little mind could ever imagine. Even though i feel sometimes that there is nothing i can possibly do to make a difference in such a vastly populated country. But i know underneath my doubt is a father who can do more than i could imagine if i will just surrender myself completely to him.  I don't ever know what tomorrow holds. I do know that God holds my life in his hands, and i have chosen to live free.