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Friday, February 11, 2011

Food and Life

    So today i went all out by eating authentic food two of the three meals.  I know it doesn't sound to exciting, and your right it wasn't.  But for me that is really living life on the edge.  For lunch i walked with Matt and Aubrey to a little Chinese restaurant and picked up some food. I was doubting Matt when he said I would love all the food he had decisively picked out from the menu.  On arriving home and digging in to the Chinese feast i found that i quite enjoyed the food he had picked out.  There was some fried green spicy beans, potato strings, egg roll thingys, and some fried rice.  I enjoyed all of it.  Maybe my tastes buds have compromised from delicious american cheeseburgers to average Chinese street food, who knows.
   For super we all lived on the edge by taking all four kids out to get Indian food.  Plus Sarah Failla and one of her boys, who is almost 2.  Jeremy and his wife Jenny and there two little boys, and Andrea. So there was seven adults and seven little children.  That might not sound like a feat. Maybe if you were doing it in the states when we all would have our personal vehicles.  In China you use the public transportation system. And adventurous as we are, we chose to take the bus instead of taxi.

     So imagine getting four strollers, seven kids, and seven stumbling adults onto a bus, in a very short amount of time. It takes courage.  We made it on the bus without any casualties.  On top of all this you constantly have Chinese people staring at you and saying random stuff that i don't understand.  In the beginning you don't mind it, but after awhile you start to get very agitated by it. At least I do.  So we got off the bus and made our way to the Indian restaurant.  We took the scenic detour so that i could see all the interesting things in that area.  There was some interesting stuff, and i did enjoy the walk.  While i was walking with all the other "foreigners" in my group i think we made a lot of Chinese' days brighter.  When you stop for even one second, you get surrounded very quickly.  A lot of pictures get taken and a lot of ahhhhs. I tell them that it will cost them 4 RMB, which is the money here.  They never pay.

    We eventually made it to the Indian place.  I wasn't sure if i would fork out the money to eat food that i wasn't sure i would like. I decided against my better judgement and got some "Chicken Noodle".  So i was thinking, whats the gamble. It's cheap and it is noodles and chicken.  Oh was I so misled, there was every herb and pepper known to man in it. I did eat most of it. Unfortunately I will not return my business to that fine establishment. Sorry Megan, I am sure you won't be offended.  One for two in one day on authentic foreign foods is pretty solid. So at the end of the day i wasn't disappointed.  Until next time,

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  1. food is not as it seems in asia. im glad you have learned this lesson now dan. ;) sorry the indian food was disappointing!!!